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27 August 2021


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El roam

Interesting and important as well.

Speaking of territorial jurisdiction, one can add another interesting factual angel here:

I quote from the lower court:

" On May 15, 2007, Ms. Dube, the Trade Commissioner for Canada in Mumbai, testified that she met with Karigar and Berini. During the meeting Mr. Karigar stated that Cryptometrics had paid a bribe to Praful Patel, the Minister of Civil Aviation in India, through an agent in order to clear the process and obtain the Air India contract. Karigar confirmed that the bribe money had been received by Patel. Ms. Dube testified that she was shocked and advised them that they could be prosecuted for this action."

So, there was that meeting, with an official Canadian representative in Mumbai. She was shocked. They had told her about their actions and intents. That can represent certain legal basis, for forming nexus between the Canadian sovereign, and the criminal actions or conspiracy one may argue.


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