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23 August 2020


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El roam

Important post. Not to confuse indeed, fair trial, with death penalty. There are states, where one would get fair trial ( like the US, or Turkey) yet, death penalty imposed. The post, mentions indeed the idea, that death penalty, in terms of public policy, is awful, since, it does create irreversible consequences. Yet, the post, doesn't explain, what is fair trial at first place. How do we observe it. Death penalty is clear (as having it or not). But, fair trial, is more than bit subjective and cultural issue. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights defines internationally the criteria or basic principles in this regard, and most of states in the world have ratified it. So, how do we know really. Is it an issue of procedure only? Maybe has to do with substance also ? In Congo for example, attempt or attempting to commit a crime, is considered as commission of crime. Is it fair ? Or just unfair, but, fair trial. This is a point, worth much more elaboration by the way.


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