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26 December 2019


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El roam

Very interesting, very important. Just two points right now:

First, the respectable author of the post, is surprised ( not already happened). Not in vain. This is because, the issue of global warming, deviates from the familiar dialectical forces or powers we are used to. There is all around consensus all over the world about the importance of the issue. Differentiated from other political views or stances. You can't divide the " troops " here, to : west v. east, Muslims v. Christians, blacks v. whites, etc.... They all agree basically fundamentally about the issue. One could only divide it to:

Conservatives / industrialists v. Green groups and general populations, yet, it is identical approximately all over the world. It is distributed and divided so, all over the world, no matter : race, religion,or political affiliation even.

That is very important observation, for understanding, and dealing with it.

And, self defense is in no way relevant here. The author writes : "imminent", but doesn't mention, that such imminence, is calculated or characterized by : seconds, minutes, on the spot, half day hardly, yet, not decades of general situation or state of things. This has nothing to do, with criminal law in fact ( at least, in common law). Self defense is not an issue here, in criminal terms.


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