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22 July 2011


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It always astounded me watching the videos of companies dumping toxins into the great lakes by the gallons/second. Are they not supposed to be one of the last largest sources of fresh water on the planet. Aren't we drinking this stuff? Even after Kyoto and Canadian companies are somewhat supposed to be cleaning up their act, what about the US? Who is keeping track of things and following up for industry who continues to put profits over national health.

In Russia where their smoke stacks have no filters, in some places when it snows it snows black. Not to mention the hundreds of thousands of barrels of depleted Uranium that gets dumped into the oceans that have been leaking for years.

How about the thousands of oil tankers that have crossed the oceans only to dump their remaining crude all for the sake of saving a few dollars in weight.

There are millions of other unethical abuses that we commit to our world on a daily basis. Who will hold us all accountable? If not GOD, then I believe our cherished planet will have its own revenge - when we wake up one day to find no drinkable water, nothing to eat and no clean air to breathe.

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